Landlord Tenant Law

The Law Offices of Victor M. Saul, LLC works with cases that involve landlords and tenants as well as commercial and residential landlord-tenant law. A landlord and tenant have a business relationship where each party is expected to follow certain laws, rules and regulations.

Why does a landlord need an attorney?

  • To understand their statutory obligations
  • Prepare the appropriate leases
  • Handle Evictions
  • Collections of unpaid rent and damages to the leased premises

As a landlord, whether commercial or residential, it is your responsibility to understand and comply with New Jersey laws and regulations. These areas can often times be confusing and difficult to understand which in turn can become extremely costly. Having the expertise of a qualified landlord-tenant attorney often times minimizes these costs and in many cases avoids disputes altogether. Evictions are governed by statutory requirements (Anti-Eviction Act) and an experienced attorney is critical, especially when evicting a residential tenant. The Law Offices of Victor M. Saul, LLC has handled a large variety of eviction issues for landlords including non-payment of rent, breach of lease, disorderly behavior and drug related/criminal activity.

Why should a tenant seek the assistance of an attorney?

  • To ensure that they fully understand their leasing agreement and/or obligations
  • To ensure that the landlord is meeting the statutory requirements

New Jersey Law provides for rights of both landlords and tenants. Often times, landlords try to force tenants to vacate the leased premises without legal authority. As an experienced attorney, I make sure that tenant's rights are protected and an eviction is conducted in accordance with New Jersey Law.

Common areas that tenants hire an attorney to defend their rights are:

  • Security Deposit Act
  • Anti Eviction Act
  • Habitability Rights
  • Wrongful Lock-out
  • Wrongful detainers

The Law Offices of Victor M. Saul, LLC takes on cases from both perspectives and works hard to determine a fair and reasonable resolution for everyone involved. He clarifies misunderstandings by explaining the law in question in detailed terms that the client can understand. While any legal process can be stressful, the firm strives to make each client comfortable and expedite the case as much as possible.

If you are seeking legal assistance with a landlord-tenant situation or have questions he can answer, contact the Law Offices of Victor M. Saul, LLC for a consultation.

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